Recently I was watching a toddler as he sprinted from his Dad’s car parked outside  the bank.  The child ran to the ATM and began pushing buttons, just like his Dad had been doing to get cash, but of course nothing came out of the machine: much to the little ones displeasure.

It occurred to me how often we all do this; we want the Universe to deliver something to us; money, a perfect relationship, a new car or whatever.  If we have not prepared ourselves to receive that something (much like having an ATM card and depositing money into the account) it is very difficult for the Universe to deliver what we want to us.  

This is the basic message contained in my book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  We cannot jump from the Think step to the Receive step, we must do the entire process clearly and with purpose.  I have watched people after they have read TBR go into a casino, plop their money on the table or into a machine and expect to reap the rewards of an unlimited Universe even if they have not prepared themselves to receive.  This is just one example of how we set ourselves up for failure.  When the payout does not seem to come to us in a form we recognize we make the assumption that this whole idea of cooperative Universe is just a lot of wishful thinking and revert to a fatalistic approach to life.

What this young child may have learned is; to receive one has to have prepared themselves to received; they must have first opened an account at the bank, deposited money, and have the proper code to access the bounty awaiting them.  Just saying “gimme” is rarely the proper access code.

Think Believe Receive