The Dream of Suffering

Think Believe ReceiveWould you be surprised to learn that some people actually thrive on suffering?  Would you think me mad if I said that rather than being unhappy suffering, there are those among us who think the more they feel they are suffering, the happier they feel, at least to themselves?

As odd as this may sound, both statements are true.  The happiness these dear people find is not the happiness you and I might relate to, but to them it is a happiness, a litmus test as to how their lives are going.  they are the first to tell you about the new ache or pain they have, and if they don’t have one currently, they will tell you how bad a pain was they experienced at some other point in their lives.  They are the ones at the end of the lunch counter who can look at a clear sky and complain about no rain, yet if it rains, they complain about the rain, and if the rain is short-lived, they are the ones who complain about the drought.

For these folks the glass is never half full, for them there is no glass!

I am not writing this to make fun of these people, I am writing it to offer the opportunity to ask ourselves if we live in the Dream of Suffering?  

While it is true few things will bring people together more easily than the detailing of our suffering, that togetherness will dissipate just as quickly when others discover there is not enough compassion to offer the person who lives in the Dream of Suffering to alter their perception no matter how much we want to help them raise their spirits.  

Are you living the Dream of Suffering?  Just asking!