Healing Belief

The Involved ObserverNot being an M.D.  I cannot say for certain, but I would think one truth about humans which might irk someone who has dedicated themselves to study and practice for so many years is that in the end there is nothing any human can do to heal another human being.

Take for example the number of pain relievers available over the counter and by prescription. For me the same drug might work, for you, not so much. Think about how two patients might be given the same diagnosis take the same course of treatment; one is cured the other continues to be afflicted. Why do some people share the same disease symptoms and some simply move on while others linger under the effects for years?  Why do I take 6 1/2 weeks to heal from shoulder surgery and you defy the “norm” and are back pitching softballs to your grandkids in less than a month?

The answer to this question (for in truth it is just one question posed several ways) is Belief.  Belief that we are more than the sum total of experience, that we are individuals.  As individuals it is our individual depth of belief (or faith) which will be the determining factor in how and when we heal, to what degree we overcome a diagnosis, and how we will live the rest of our lives (or for how long.)

Belief in what? Faith in what?  That is up to you.  If you believe a prognosis is terminal, chances are good it will be terminal, and probably right on schedule.  If your faith is that the human will overcomes “normal” results, it is highly likely you will have that experience as well.

I take great joy in recognizing major health systems incorporating wholeistic  programs into their offerings, for they too are coming to realize medicine and the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to its practice are only part of the whole picture.

What is your healing belief?