You have talents, please never doubt for even one moment you have unique talents the world needs.  If this were not the case, you would not be here.  Some people have the talent of creating inspiring works of art, others have the talent of verbal communication, some have the talent of helping others find their way.  Talents come in all shapes and sizes, and every one is a gift.

My beautiful lady, for instance, has the talent, the gift, of being able to step aside and allow an Ascended Master, Ashtar, to step in and give guidance to anyone who asks.  This is not to say that having a particular talent also comes with a price; many people see Lady Ashtar as an oddity, just as many people see those with the talent for visioning a world at peace to be odd.  Maybe your talent is in numbers.  This is how you view the world, but those who do not relate to numbers think you are an odd duck indeed.

Nurturing a talent such as Lady Ashtar has, means you will not be understood by some people, but so what!  This talent is a gift.  If a friend of yours is given a gift of an abstract painting you would not think less of your friend, would you?  If you have a gift of being able to sing like an angel,  why hide that gift?  Why worry about what others think?  This is your gift, your talent.  It was given to you because you, and you alone are the perfect person to have that gift, so use it!

Many times a gift can seem like a burden, it can seem to demand too much of you, but I invite you to read about the journey of Terrie Symons as she gets her gift and then learns to use it.  You might find your gift is much easier to accept.