In the first person

Taking responsibility for our actions and thoughts is one of the most empowering things we can do.

It is never “them”

Often our words suggest we are doing something because “they” want us to do it.  “I have to do this because they want me to.”  “I can’t do that, they won’t let me.”  As we say these kinds of things, what we are doing is putting someone else in control of our lives, even though it is we who choose to do or not do something.  Yes, there are consequences for our decisions; some are consequences we would desire, some are not.  In the end, though, the decision to do or not do something rests solely with ourselves.  The “They’s” in our lives may have asked us to do or not do something, but we weigh the final decision based upon our needs, not theirs.

Giving our power away

When we give our power over to others for our decisions we dis-empower ourselves.  We begin to believe that we are not in control of our own lives, and this is simply not true.  We are in control of every word we say, every action we take, or don’t take, and every choice we make.  That is a lot of responsibility, and a whole lot of power.  As we live in our integrity we find that even the choices we make that don’t turn out the way we thought they would have a positive side when we claim our part in the event.

I chose to

Feeling like our choices are controlled by others leaves us with a hollow feeling.  We begin to believe we are completely at the whim of others.  However, if we claim our part in whatever decision we have made, we are putting ourselves in the drivers seat.  Not only that, but we remind ourselves we can do differently later if we chose.  

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