Time to get away!

This special weekend is coming up very soon.  If these blogs have piqued your interest in any way, I invite you to join us in Sedona, Arizona February 9, 10 & 11, 2018 for a remarkable weekend that will add so much to your life,  Explore metaphysical experiences, speak to an Ascended Master, improve your […]

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Stop Thinking!

No, don’t stop thinking forever, just stop thinking about the wrong things.  This weekend I was stuck in miles and miles and miles of traffic; hours worth.  I found myself getting quite perturbed, as you might imagine.  What saved me from becoming a two minute segment on the TV news about road rage was my realization

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Free to choose

Here we are, the first day of what will be a long four day weekend for many people, so it is time for a reminder as we bask in our summer activities, our celebrations, parades and fireworks, that we are enjoying this weekend because some folks a couple hundred years ago got together and told

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The noose around my neck

Often in these blogs we have looked at realizing our dreams, and what is holding us in place away from those dreams.  What ever is holding us back is like a noose around our necks; sometimes it seems the harder we try to move forward the tighter the noose gets.  That is exactly how a noose

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This is it!  One week to go before Christmas gifts are due to be opened.  Perhaps this weekend you plan to do your final shopping (or, like me, begin my shopping!)  so let’s take a moment and think about the gifting. Just for a moment imagine you go out looking for a present, the perfect

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