The noose around my neck

Often in these blogs we have looked at realizing our dreams, and what is holding us in place away from those dreams.  What ever is holding us back is like a noose around our necks; sometimes it seems the harder we try to move forward the tighter the noose gets.  That is exactly how a noose works, the more we struggle the tighter it gets, so how can we move forward?  The answer is we move forward in small steps.

If you have the dream of being a writer, for instance, but you cannot afford to quit your day job to sit behind a keyboard, then your small step might be to set aside an hour or two on the weekend when you dedicate yourself to actually writing. If you want to get that college degree, but your work schedule won’t open to enrolling in full, or even part time courses, take a class on-line at your own pace.  You see, if you have a dream you really want to experience but the noose is too tight to move, make baby steps until you can find a way to get some slack in that noose.  Once you have that slack, once you stop struggling, you can find a way to move forward, move out of that noose around your neck.

Sometimes we want something so much that taking our time simply is not what we want to do, however, if we struggle and the noose tightens too much, we will never have the opportunity to accomplish what we want anyway.  

If your dream is real, and you truly want to experience that dream, find ways, even the tiniest ways, to begin doing what you want.