Zero sum thinking

In a recent blog I wrote about Zero Sum thinking.  Briefly stated zero sum thinking is that if you win, I must lose. Think, Believe, Receive My first published book was called Think, Believe, Receive.  Since the time I wrote it I have updated the book and added a new title; Think, Believe, Receive 2.0. […]

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The dysfunctional family

This phrase “dysfunctional family” is one which has stuck in my craw for some time.  First it requires a judgment about the validity of someones life. Even if you are in that family, you only see a very narrow range of what is going on.  Second, it does not matter how the family is functioning,

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Imposed Opinions

Much of my writing in both the book Think, Believe, Receive and the book It’s All About Me (both available through touches deeply into the opinions we hold which we had nothing to do with forming.  These opinions, these pre-judgments were imposed upon us by others; our parents, our teachers, friends, media, overheard conversations,

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