valentines day

Valentine wishes

Here we are, Valentines Day 2018.  No other day of celebration is more associated with love, and heartbreak than this. I hate this day! Oh yes, you will hear many people saying they hate Valentines Day.  Some will be people who have no significant other in their lives to bring them candy, flowers and beautiful […]

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How do I love me?

Is there someone special in your life? Someone who is the focus of the upcoming Valentines Day celebration?  Or, are you one of the many people for whom love is simply an interesting concept which one day might find its way into your life?    You may think these two groups are totally different, one having someone,

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I am Outsider

I am all alone.  You don’t understand me.  Nobody understands me. Saturday is Valentines day and I don’t have anyone.  I am an outsider. There is nothing funny about these thoughts.  Right now hundreds of thousands of people are having these thoughts.  For some this idea of being an outsider will look just like any

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Happy Valentines Day, TO ME!

Now wait a moment before you close-down, ask yourself: what is the purpose of Valentines Day?  Other than provide a source of income for the card companies and the flower sellers, the idea behind the concept of Valentines Day is to demonstrate to someone how important they are to your happiness, and to do so

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