Happy Valentines Day, TO ME!

Now wait a moment before you close-down, ask yourself: what is the purpose of Valentines Day?  Other than provide a source of income for the card companies and the flower sellers, the idea behind the concept of Valentines Day is to demonstrate to someone how important they are to your happiness, and to do so by offering a token of appreciation.  That’s it.  We have made it a whole different thing over the years, but that is for another discussion.

Now, let me ask you this: who is more important to your happiness than you? Does this concept frighten you? Does the idea you are the one who decides what will make you happy or send you screaming into the night?  Yet this is the truth.  It is YOU who decides what will please you, who will be in your life.  You are at the controls all the time, even when you think you are giving up control to someone else, you have made a choice!  

What happens when you discover that  person who is so perfect, and they turn out to be anything other than perfect for you?  You go into sadness, mourning, and a whole process of re-building because you thought someone else was more important to your happiness than being good with yourself.  Sometimes we learn the first time around that we have to be good with us before we can be good with anyone else, sometimes it takes a few turns around the block to realize this time-honored truism.

Until someone gets a pseudo- holiday on the calendar to remind us to thank ourselves for being the wonderful selves we are, go ahead and send that special someone a plush bear, a box of candy, a couple dozen roses and a card, but please, please, please, before the big day rolls around, remember, love yourself too. A little gift to yourself would not be out of the question!

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