One craves peace

The shouting and conflict that comes to us every day disrupts one thing we all seem to crave; peace in our lives.  I am referring to the kind of peace that gives us clarity about who we are, what we are expected to do and how others will behave.  Do you see the common thread […]

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A First World Problem

“That’s a first world problem“ is a phrase I was introduced to while visiting my friends at Summit Spiritual Center in Akron, Ohio last week, and I have to admit, it has really gotten my awareness going.  What is the most aggravating thing on your mind right now?  Is it that your cable/internet provider keeps

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Right or Righteous thinking

What is the difference between right thinking and righteous thinking?  Does it even matter?  Well yes of course it matters, because the goal of these blogs is to help you (and me) become more IN-powered, to live a fuller, more successful life. Right thinking is thought which comes from the truth that what I am experiencing

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