The greatest poverty

What is the greatest poverty?  Is it lack of money?  Is it substandard housing?  My thought is that the greatest poverty is lack of imagination. Imagination=Poverty If you have traveled this world, even our country, you know there are many people living at economic levels that would suggest poverty, yet they are happy.  Clearly then, […]

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Isn’t It Interesting

No matter how enlightened we become, or think we have become, isn’t it interesting that we can still be impacted by other peoples fears? Case-in-point; my beautiful wife Terrie and I were preparing to visit Korea.  We called the credit card companies to let them know there would be some foreign transactions and were told

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Shine, Shine, Shine

What is the best part of you? What is the aspect that deep down inside you know is something very few people have recognized about you?  The part that, if people knew about, would make them so grateful that they know you?  Come on, you know there is something; you can admit it to yourself. No

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Why Gift?

Christmas, and Hanukkah overlap this year, Kwanza is right there too, so maybe you feel overwhelmed by the demands of gifting this year.  The question is; Why Gift at all?  Gifting out of obligation is no gift at all.  Does this mean you should simply not gift?  It could, if that is how you want to

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Did you get it?

Well, did you get it?  Did you get that something special you hoped was under the tree for you?  Did you get the appreciation for those gifts you lovingly purchased and prepared you hoped to get?  Did Christmas and the events surrounding Christmas Day fill you with joy and wonderful memories? I truly hope you

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The gift

There you are, handing over a gift to someone.  This gift has been carefully selected, thought about and given with love.  Then the receipient turns around and gives it to someone else or simply sets it aside.  You are devistated, or maybe even angry.  “How can they do that?” you ask. They can do that

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