Lifetime learning

Make no mistake about it, everything we do in this lifetime is about learning.  We learn to walk, talk, socialize, make a living and countless lessons in-between. The choice of learning Without getting into the esoteric considerations of life, we are always at choice as to what we  learn.  How many times have you learned […]

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Magical Thinking

Simply put; magical thinking is believing that if I behave in alignment someone else’s idea of how I should behave my life will be wonderful.  All too often we fall into this trap, heavens knows I have done so many times.  The problem is magical thinking rarely produces anything other than resentment. The other side

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To Give or not To Give (part 2)

 There is a Universal Law called “The Law of Multiplication” of which you should be aware.  This Law says whatever we give we get back ten times over.  Recently I wrote about giving to panhandlers.  Lets expand upon that idea.   When we give it must be without strings, there can be no conditions on

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