To Give or not To Give (part 2)

 There is a Universal Law called “The Law of Multiplication” of which you should be aware.  This Law says whatever we give we get back ten times over.  Recently I wrote about giving to panhandlers.  Lets expand upon that idea.  

When we give it must be without strings, there can be no conditions on that gift because any strings come back to us ten fold.  Giving must come from a position of joy if there is to be any joy in the gift.  And gifts are not just physical things, gifts can also be love, thoughts, support, encouragement too.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have ten times the love in your life that you have right now?  Then give some love.  The more you give, the more you have.

This also works if we choose to give anger, fear, resentment, paranoia and discord, you get those things back ten fold as well.  The Law of Multiplication is always at work and we are always at choice about giving those ideas away as well.  Do you really want ten times the fear, anger and discord you already have coming back into your life?  If we gift conditionally, then we find every gift we receive seems to have strings attached.  

The bottom line is; think about what and how you are gifting.  Can you give a thing or an idea with joy with the realization that the gift works both ways?  If what you give another person were to suddenly be given back to you multiplied ten times would it be a gift you would want?

Think Believe Receive