What is Time?

Flying over the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the US time, at first, goes by quickly, then slows to a veritable crawl.  In the arms of a loved one time does not exist.  When we are on vacation, time whisks by all too quickly, so what is time? Why do we get so sideways about being […]

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Take a deep breath!

Is the world closing in on you?  Are things happening too quickly to keep track?  Do you feel like you just want to scream sometimes?  Take a deep breath! Every interaction we have is based in vibration.  Some people come to us with vibrations so powerful they can overwhelm us; sometimes it is just that

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The Assumption

Here is my story: last night I met a woman who knocked me off my feet, my head was spinning, I could not catch my breath. Now, quickly; think about my story.  Is it about me meeting a beautiful woman and falling in love at first sight?  Could be. Perhaps your first thought was that

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