Be in balance

Being in balance with what we believe is one of the most certain signs we believe what we say.  Have you ever met someone who professes to believe in a particular theology, but when you ask them questions about their beliefs they get very defensive?  This is a sure sign they are not in balance […]

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 No matter how your favorite candidate or proposition did on the ballot yesterday it is time for peace.  Peace which comes from knowing that no matter what our thoughts are, we are simply one beautiful part of a wonderful process.  Friends of mine visited Cuba recently and were met with stunned expressions as they explained

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The Politics of Love

Have you ever considered that when we vote we are best off coming from a place of Love?  Think about it, if you love someone you do not find yourself saying “I love you because you are the lesser of two evils” or “I will love you because because I really don’t like that other

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