monkey mind

Remember these things

Do a thousand wonderful deeds plus one not so wonderful deed and what will you remember?  The one deed that did not live up to your own standards. The monkey mind We humans are so wonderful.  We do good things all the time, as we should.  We help others, we give to charity, we raise children […]

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Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind the voices in our heads which chatter on endlessly about stuff which distracts us from being productive or at peace. You know what I am talking about, those voices which tell us repeatedly how so and so is making our lives difficult, that if this would happen our lives would be so much better,

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Chattering Monkeys

There is nothing holding me back from experiencing full and complete success at anything my heart desires.  Yes there is, there are a thousand reasons for me not to succeed, no there is not, just last week I read this thing that said, never mind what it said, that was not you, yes it is, no it

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