The pause that refreshes

I presume many of us are too young to recall that advertising slogan, but the reminder is still important; the reminder that once in a while it is essential that we pause our lives, our thinking, our talking and simply be. In the book Bear and Butterfly I give some reasons why it might be …

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Nothing can come from nothing; everything must come from something, so when we say “that came out of nowhere” we are mistaken.  If we say “I had nothing to do with that experience coming into my life,” we are mistaken.  Everything must come from something, so what would that something be?  That something is our …

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Right or Righteous thinking

What is the difference between right thinking and righteous thinking?  Does it even matter?  Well yes of course it matters, because the goal of these blogs is to help you (and me) become more IN-powered, to live a fuller, more successful life. Right thinking is thought which comes from the truth that what I am experiencing …

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