Mental Hygiene

Through our years on this planet we have thought many thoughts, been taught many things, and believed many others.  Some of these thoughts no longer serve us well, yet there they are; buried in our subconscious, still acting out as if they were our real beliefs today, even if we would scream in denial if […]

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I know that stuff

How many classes have you taken?  How many books have you read?  How many experiences have you had?  The more of these things you experience the more likely you might find yourself saying “I know that stuff.”  And you do know that stuff, at least you have experienced that stuff; but the question is are

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Close the extra tabs

You know what happens when you have too many tabs open on your computer, right?  The computer slows down. Switching between the various pages just leads us deeper into more stuff and often takes us away from what it is we want to do.  Often times we get so caught up in chasing a piece of

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