Greed is bad.  We have been taught to think that all our lives, but what is greed to me may not be greed to you.  Greed is a judgement call at best.  It is what you believe. For some people greed is having more money than they do.  Many people consider it greedy if another …

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The Promised Land

What is the promised land for you?  Is it something that comes after you leave this level of being?  Is it that beautiful house on the hill?  Perhaps you see it as being the achievement of some long sought-after goal.  Yes, these are all examples of the promised land. How to reach your promised land. …

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Day one of the All American Soap Box Derby Championships for 2014.  Today I had the honor of working with almost 500 champions and their families as they were welcomed to Akron.  Here is my take-away: For almost every one of these racers there is a chance, a good chance that on Saturday THEY will …

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