Taking the next step

Our minds can only take us so far in this journey we have embarked upon, the rest takes the heart.  Our mind will help us resolve simple questions.  It will help us balance our checkbooks, but it will not resolve the most pressing issues of our lives.  That takes the heart.  While so many things […]

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Oscar Wilde is often quoted as saying “The English and the Americans are two people separated by a common language.”  Anyone who has the privilege of travel understands the truth in this statement.  Two people speaking the same words (or similar words) cannot understand each other.  This is exactly what my new book Bear and

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Beyond words

I spend a far amount of time in these blogs writing about Love, how Love is the only true power, how Love will overcome all, I guess to some people there is a question about what I mean by love.  Love transcends all things, even in the human brain.  This has nothing to do with

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Divided by Words

Which poet said the English and Americans are divided by a common language?  Let’s take that a step further, we Americans are separated by a common language too.  It is the subtlety of the use of our language which divides us. If I say “I love you” that can mean about a half a million things!

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