That’s All I Asked For

“All I want is enough money to get by.” “All I want is somebody to love.”  All I want is the chance to be happy.”  These statements sound quite innocent and maybe one or more will reflect what you believe, but the problem is the Universe, which is charge of delivery of everything you wish …

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Parallel Play

Last night after a beautiful day of travel my butterfly and I were relaxing in the hotel pool enjoying the interaction of people of all ages.  One of the Moms, watching her children play with complete strangers without conditions made the most interesting comment; “the kids love parallel play.” What she was referring to was the ability …

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Regular readers of these blogs will know that I am a staunch advocate of affirmations.  Affirmations are a regular and important part of my own life, and I hope of your life as well.  We know that positive affirmations help us grow, help us manifest what we want, and help us live joyful lives.   …

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