Thanksgiving and Passover

Twenty-four hours to Thanksgiving 2018.    Being a Gentile, the similarities of Thanksgiving and  the Jewish celebration of Passover had not occurred to me before today.  As I researched the similarities I was reminded that there is very little in our experience that does not have a precedent. Linking the celebrations Of course Thanksgiving is […]

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I will be happy when…

The rage we see displayed through the media today; the rage from people of all walks of life makes me think of this simple phrase: I will be happy when…  when what?  When all the Jews are gone?  Then who will we turn on.  When all the people of color are gone?  Then who will

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Here we are on the verge of celebrating another Christmas which, joyfully, also coincides with the first night of Hanukah.  This is a season devoted to peace; world peace as well as peace within ourselves.  This is a season bedecked with images intended to help achieve peace.  We have songs, images, movies and television programs,

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