The Promised Land

What is the promised land for you?  Is it something that comes after you leave this level of being?  Is it that beautiful house on the hill?  Perhaps you see it as being the achievement of some long sought-after goal.  Yes, these are all examples of the promised land. How to reach your promised land. …

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On Laughter

Laughter is the the heart smiling, isn’t that a lovely thought/feeling?  Look within  yourself when you laugh and see if your heart is smiling.  Almost certainly your heart will be smiling if it is true laughter. Laughter is known to help resolve many physical conditions, laughter lift spirits, and heals the spirit which has been damaged by …

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Perfection or Excellence?

The Rayne Water shop near my home posts great thought starters on their message board along the freeway, and this was a recent post: “Don’t Strive For Perfection, Strive For Excellence.”  What a great realization this can be; if each and every time we so something we strive for excellence.  Only excellence you ask? Well …

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