Are we going to continue to observe Columbus Day with all the controversy surrounding the new views about Christopher?  Will the Electoral College go away? Is it right for sports figures to express themselves?  These  and other controversies swirl around us these days: Gun control, the President, plaid or stripes, seems like everyday we have …

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You are not there yet!

No matter how evolved your concept of the Universe, God, First Cause, All There Is, you have not even begun to grasp the full extent of its power and love of you. A five year old might think they have a total understanding of how the world works, and for that five year old, this …

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On Being Humble

For many of us the idea of being humble means feeling unworthy, insignificant, and perhaps even in submission to someone or something else. To “eat humble pie is to be forced into submission, apology or retraction.  Yes, these definitions are in the dictionary, but only as secondary definitions.  the primary definition is : not proud or …

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