On Being Humble

For many of us the idea of being humble means feeling unworthy, insignificant, and perhaps even in submission to someone or something else. To “eat humble pie is to be forced into submission, apology or retraction.  Yes, these definitions are in the dictionary, but only as secondary definitions.  the primary definition is : not proud or haughty: not arrogant or assertive.  In choosing not to be prideful and haughty we have put ourselves in the position of being teachable.  Not one of us knows it all, regardless of our title, degrees, positions, money or any other form of temporal power, not one of us knows it all.  How do we fill in those places where we are not fully and completely informed?  By being HUMBLE, not being too proud or haughty not to listen. To be teachable, to learn from those around us.  That is being humble.

This week I got to allow myself to be humbled, in the most joyous manner.  The feedback on the June 1 blog was overwhelming, the congratulations were many and warmed my heart.  I thank you so much for expressing your love so meaningfully.  In those places in my own heart where I thought I could safely swagger with impunity from humbleness, I was offered the lesson that no matter how far my message might go, it is the one-on-one connection with others which is the true goal of these blogs, the true goal of all communication and indeed of all life.

If the idea of humbleness still strikes in you the fear of being forced to eat a huge slice of humble pie, loosen-up, maybe that humble pie tastes like cherry pie!

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