We have clearly reached the time on this planet where it no longer is possible to put into submission those with whom we disagree.  It does not work one-on-one, it does not work between management and staff, and how many of our young people do we have to send out to be harmed before we finally get the message, it does not work on the world stage either?

So here is my idea: rather than get everyone suited up in camouflage fatigues, hand them weapons and ship them off to places you and I would not choose to go, let’s instead arm ourselves with the idea of MASS COOPERATION.  Right now, I mean RIGHT NOW, let set the intention to find how we can more effectively cooperate with seeing others get what they need rather than spending so much time trying to prevent them form getting what they need.  We assume we know what it is others want, but in the movement of MASS COOPERATION, we cease to assume what the other guy wants, and take the bold step of actually asking what they want!

Fulfillment of needs is at the bottom of every conflict.  As for needs, what could they be?  Food?  This planet produces more than enough food right now to supply every mouth.  Shelter?  The only reason we each do not have shelter is that someone else has the need to exert their power over others by making shelter unattainable.  In MASS COOPERATION we can work with that.

I don’t want to take up anymore space with this today, let’s talk later.  In the meantime, speak among yourselves!  What would it look like of a reign of MASS COOPERATION suddenly broke out on planet earth? Choiceful Living Seminars more info                           The Involved Observer