The First Step

The first step in any change is releasing the idea that no change is necessary.  Put another way, change can only take place when our beliefs in our old limitations end.   Our ingrained beliefs are very powerful things.  They can actually set up protective barriers to prevent them being released.  They are self-protecting and …

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Each of us has habits we wanted to break.  Smoking, eating, love life, driving; habits abound in our lives.  Some habits support our well-being, like how we choose to eat, how we choose to exercise, or how we choose to deal with other people. Other habits simply drag us down, cost us money, and generally …

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“Disharmony, fighting, anger are all around me, I can’t work this way”  Have you ever heard these thoughts in your mind?  What can you do about this overwhelming feeling of discord? I would like to give you a magic wand to dispel all this gunk, I really would, but the magic wand shop closed last …

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