The change in our lives

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher said “There is nothing more constant than change.”  As with so many of these precious old sayings, this message resounds though our lives on so many levels.  What we think about change, what we believe about it, is what we receive. A source of sadness. Letting go of things we know …

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It’s your idea!

Everything is an idea.  How you feel is an idea, it is not something that can be quantified by anyone else.  What your future looks like is an idea.  No one else can predict what your future will be.  An idea is a thought in its infancy stage.  The most powerful tool you have is …

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It’s Greek to me!

Communication between individuals, regardless of gender, can be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives.  Ofen well-intended words can be mis-intreperted and result in anger or hurt feelings.  What can we do about this? Often the reason our words are not heard is that we are speaking from different energies; I refer to …

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