We are pretty good at recognizing hostility when it is directed at us, heck sometimes we even imagine hostility coming at us when there is none.  But what about the hostility we direct at ourselves?   Yes, we can be hostile to ourselves.  Sometimes the hostility is overt; “You fool, you overlooked that.”  Sometimes our …

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Have you noticed that when you say something like “I am tired” what you feel is that you are even more tired?  If you say “I am fat” all you can see about yourself is fatness?  How about when you say “I am ready to go.”  Your energy is higher, your outlook is brighter.  “I …

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Same mistake, different day.

There is no doubt in my mind you have recognized some “mistake” in your life you have vowed never to repeat, but then, kabam, here it is again, same mistake.  You wonder “did I learn nothing the last time?  What kind of fool am I for repeating that mistake?”  Well, good news, you probably did …

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