Communication Breakdown

Talk is cheap, so they say, and it is true; words come easily and abundantly, the problem is no matter how many words we use we may not be communicating.  This lack of communication is not simply because others are not listening, it is because they cannot hear us. In my book Bear and Butterfly …

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Give Yourself Permission

Too often we wait for someone else to bring us an opportunity; opportunity to grow,  opportunity to achieve, opportunity to experience.  Stop waiting!  Give yourself permission to make, to experience, to have.  Yes, others can help us achieve our goals, but sitting around waiting for that goal to plop down on our doorstep fully completed …

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Which is the mask?

Halloween is upon us once again.  This is one of the most popular events of the year and this year we get to do it on a Saturday night, how cool is that!  One of the reasons so many people enjoy Halloween is that we get to wear masks and costumes which reflect our secret …

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