Living beyond instinct

Animals live almost exclusively by instinct.  They find food, protect their young and reproduce instinctually.  Isn’t it beautiful?  We, as humans however, have a much broader range of possibilities at our fingertips than simple instinct.  We can reason, compute and build.  Right now, it seems, many people are living at the basest level of life. […]

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You are not there yet!

No matter how evolved your concept of the Universe, God, First Cause, All There Is, you have not even begun to grasp the full extent of its power and love of you. A five year old might think they have a total understanding of how the world works, and for that five year old, this

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I Don’t Exist

Don’t stop to think about it, just answer these questions: how tall am I?  Am I 6′ tall or 5’2″.  Do I weigh 325 pounds or 98 pounds?  Do I have a high voice or a bass voice?  The answer to these questions: I am all of them, and dozens of more things depending upon

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