Energy meets energy

I have often made a point in these blogs that we are energy, each of us is energy.  To underscore this idea and perhaps make it a little easier to make part of your life, here is another example of this fact;   You walk into a room feeling just a little off, not necessarily

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The Story

When we listen to others speak what we will hear is their story.  This story might be full of joy, it might be full of doom and gloom, it might be funny, or scary, it might be anything at all, but it is still a story.  To fully hear what the other person is saying

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D.O.P.E. part 2

As I was saying, DOPE is all around us, the tendency to define ourselves by how much information we can disseminate, how much of a reaction we can get for that dissemination, as well as the bond such information seems to create between ourselves and others are all factors in the addiction to DOPE. Even

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