Global Anonymity

We live in a time of Global Anonymity.  We are connected globally through our electronic gadgets, games and information, but no one knows who we are.  For some this seems perfect.  They just don’t want to be weighed down with interpersonal relationships, but they enjoy the thrill of being connected.  For others it only heightens […]

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Living small

There are many people around us who would prefer if we lived our lives quietly, not rocking their boat, not allowing ourselves to be who we are.  These folks are full of “kindly” advice about how we should live, think and do.  We bless these people and move around them because living small is not

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Suck ’em up!

No, this is not about enjoying a brew on the beach on Maui (although that sounds great.) What I want to discuss is those people in our lives who live through being emotional vampires.  I think you know the person I am speaking about; they call at all hours demanding you listen to their angst,

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Which is the mask?

Halloween is upon us once again.  This is one of the most popular events of the year and this year we get to do it on a Saturday night, how cool is that!  One of the reasons so many people enjoy Halloween is that we get to wear masks and costumes which reflect our secret

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