Global Anonymity

We live in a time of Global Anonymity.  We are connected globally through our electronic gadgets, games and information, but no one knows who we are.  For some this seems perfect.  They just don’t want to be weighed down with interpersonal relationships, but they enjoy the thrill of being connected.  For others it only heightens a feeling of isolation.

Creating community

Some people feel invigorated with the notion of having contacts around the globe.  Having no other contact than their Avatar, have created a global community they enjoy.  Perhaps a gamer knows some detail about the location of regular opponents.  The gamer might even know some details about that person.  That is all they want to know, and in it’s own way this is perfect.

To those of us who have friends on a global scale but want a personal contact with that friend, this idea is beyond comprehension.  We look for ways to travel to distant places to actually meet our distant connections.  We want to know who they are, what they do, how they live.  This too is community.  Neither is more right, neither is less right.

Having connection

Feeling that we have connection to the rest of humanity is something we all desire.  This connection may befuddle you and me, but connection is what we seek.  Those who do not feel a connection are the people who commit unspeakable acts of violence on others.  Without connection to the outside world we feel alone, meaningless.  Disempowerment is the end result, so we look for ways to find empowerment.  Students who shoot-up their schools are seeking a connection, even if it is done through an anti-social act.  They do not connect the dots that their actions will indeed create a community, but it is a community they will not enjoy when it is created.

Creating community

Just as we cannot love anyone more than we love ourselves, we cannot connect with anyone more than we have connected with ourselves.  I offer my book It’s All About Me as a way to find connection with ourselves.  Click on the cover below for a sample read, then order a few copies to share.

The Involved Observer