Living in compassion

What is compassion?  How do we effectively live in compassion?  As defined in Websters Dictionary, compassion is sympathetic, consciousness of others distress.  Websters goes on to clarify that this consciousness is coupled with a desire to alleviate it.   To be sympathetic and conscious of another person’s distress is a wonderful thing.  Wanting to help alleviate …

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It’s Greek to me!

Communication between individuals, regardless of gender, can be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives.  Ofen well-intended words can be mis-intreperted and result in anger or hurt feelings.  What can we do about this? Often the reason our words are not heard is that we are speaking from different energies; I refer to …

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We have clearly reached the time on this planet where it no longer is possible to put into submission those with whom we disagree.  It does not work one-on-one, it does not work between management and staff, and how many of our young people do we have to send out to be harmed before we finally …