The root of suffering

According to Buddha the root of all suffering is attachment.  Many people have the mistaken impression that attachment is limited to being attached to our material things, but it is more wide ranging. What is suffering? Suffering is that mental anguish which accompanies the drama of life.  Drama is the after effect of trying to […]

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To Reason

Essentially there are two ways to reason; from wonder and awe (curious) or through rationality.  When we reason through wonder and awe we are like the child; open to possibility.  When we reason through rationality we often overlook the wonderful things life has to offer. Obviously there are times to stand in wonder and awe,

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Each of us has habits we wanted to break.  Smoking, eating, love life, driving; habits abound in our lives.  Some habits support our well-being, like how we choose to eat, how we choose to exercise, or how we choose to deal with other people. Other habits simply drag us down, cost us money, and generally

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That’s Not YOUR Issue

We project.  We project our feelings.  We project our feelings on others, and hold them responsible for what and how we feel.  This is the basis of judgement towards other people.  If we are afraid that we do not drive as well as we think we do, we are very intolerant of other peoples driving

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