The Politics of Love

Have you ever considered that when we vote we are best off coming from a place of Love?  Think about it, if you love someone you do not find yourself saying “I love you because you are the lesser of two evils” or “I will love you because because I really don’t like that other […]

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Your Magnificence

We are taught, by well meaning people to be sure, that when someone gives us praise such as “you are so beautiful” or “you have a knack for this” that we are to decline the praise.  We are taught that it is considered egotistical to say something like “yes, I am beautiful” even though we

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We have clearly reached the time on this planet where it no longer is possible to put into submission those with whom we disagree.  It does not work one-on-one, it does not work between management and staff, and how many of our young people do we have to send out to be harmed before we finally