That’s just the way it is

If you want to stop dead in your tracks in your happiness, say the words “That’s just the way it is.”  Saying these words (and as we know, words have power) means you are not willing to even consider that things could be different. My belief is that real change will not take place in […]

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This time it’ll be different!

This time it’ll be different is a promise we make ourselves (and others) time and again, yet time and again things turn out the same way, or worse.  Why is this?  Because too often we attempt to make changes on the outside without making the corresponding changes on the inside.  Put succinctly; we continue to

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Communication Breakdown

Talk is cheap, so they say, and it is true; words come easily and abundantly, the problem is no matter how many words we use we may not be communicating.  This lack of communication is not simply because others are not listening, it is because they cannot hear us. In my book Bear and Butterfly

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