Rosh Hashanah

Today is the celebration of Rosh Hashanah; the Jewish New Year.  Happy New Year!  5779 years since creation.  The exact day Rosh Hashanah is celebrated changes each year because the Jewish calendar is based on lunar cycles.  That means the year may be 354.4 days or it may be a little longer.  Before you let […]

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Track your progress

Want to supercharge your life?  Keep track of your progress. We often loose sight of the things we have accomplished because there is no record of what we have done along the way to remind us of those accomplishments.  This lack of reminders can lead us to believe we live each day for no real

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Those darned resolutions

Over the years I have watched with joy the influx of people just after the new year to the Gym where I work out.  Most come for a week, some stay for a month, but far and away the greatest number of people give up on their resolution of getting in shape, or shedding those

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