It’s easy for you!

“Sure, it’s easy for you (to say) it’s easy for you (to do) it’s easy for you (to think), you just don’t understand.”  When we say those words “It’s easy for you” what we are doing is telling ourselves we are not capable of doing something, we are telling ourselves someone else is better than […]

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Choiceful Living on TV

Some of you know I am married to one of the most amazing people on the planet, Terrie Symons, who is also known as Lady Ashtar.  My bride and I recently taped a television show with the delightful Paula Vail which will  debut today in the US on many viewing platforms and I hope you

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Purpose in all things

I firmly believe there is a power in this Universe which brings us exactly what we ask for.  This, however does not mean what we get is what we thought we wanted.  If I ask for patience, the Universe does not necessarily bliss me out.  It far more likely gives me the opportunity to practice

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