Beyond words

I spend a far amount of time in these blogs writing about Love, how Love is the only true power, how Love will overcome all, I guess to some people there is a question about what I mean by love.  Love transcends all things, even in the human brain.  This has nothing to do with […]

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Say nothing

“If you don’t have anything  nice to say, don’t say anything.” I can still hear my mother saying that to me even though decades have passed since I last heard her voice.  It is still good advice today, for you and for me both.  Yet for some reason we seem to have the need to

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Just what are we?

We, you and I, and every other creation is energy.  That energy vibrates at specific levels, which produces what we see as ourselves.  Because we are energy, we are subject to the ups and downs of energy supply, just like the power grid which supplies our homes.  Many of us have installed energy efficient lighting

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