A Time to Rest

As we jump into 2017 many of us have made plans, lots of plans for what this year will bring.  We have made plans to do, do, do things, things, things.  As IN-powering as this may be sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is…..nothing.   As we do, do, do we must take […]

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Gotta Get Away!

I had the delightful experience of going to Maui this past week to meet my lady as she completed her tour of Japan.  Yes, we just wanted to get away, and the beaches, highways and restaurants were filled with others who just wanted to get away.  The winds were busy, showers came almost every day,

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The zen of surfing

One of the really great things about living, as I do, in coastal Southern California is the beach.  I was watching some surfers the other day as they rode the swells on a perfect morning, and as I watched some life lessons we can all embody became clear. To begin riding the waves the surfers

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