I think we all have a tendency to want to understand what is going on around us.  I will go even further to suggest that it is the feeling we do not understand what is going on which is the most frightening and maddening aspect of life.  Unfortunately it is this desire to understand events and people, which lead us to one of the most dangerous mental processes; over-simplification.

For some people the recent events in Paris are a direct result of Liberal policies, while others are just as certain the events are the direct result of Draconian policies.  This simplification of events is great for the talking heads on TV or candidates for President, but either view leads us into a trap from which we will not be able to extricate ourselves.

For any given event, action or experience there is seldom a nice, simple explanation. There are more often than not as many causes behind them as there are people involved.  There are also as many resolutions as there are people involved.  Despite what many want to suggest,we do not live in a world of “black and white.”  We live in a world with more shades of grey than we are often comfortable accepting.  When all the jingoism is expended, when today’s crisis is supplanted by tomorrows crisis what it all comes down to is how YOU are going to relate to any given event.  Will you make it something which lives as fear in you?  Are you going to make it a cautionary tale which will enhance you life?  It is up to you!  Simplification, over-simplification, distortion are all traps we can side-step as we become IN-powered.  

Come, join the journey to IN-powerment.

The Involved Observer                               Think Believe Receive