The All American Soap Box Derby week in Akron, Ohio began today with a 5K run.  I participated in honor of my friend Bill Speeg who was also a Derby nut. 

Bill passed away training to run an Ironman event.  Even though he was training in a nation-wide chain of fitness centers, when his heart acted up no one was prepared to render the proper assistance, even though the equipment was on hand.  This suggests to me that CPR and AED awareness is critical for all of us.  Three steps is all it takes when someone has a heart event.: 1) call 911, 2) begin CPR, and 3) get the AED machine in action.  It took all of three minutes for a Red Cross volunteer to walk me through this wonderful tool, and even without training, the AED device coaches you through all the steps.

Please, take a few minutes of your life and learn the basics of CPR/AED.  Be able to assist someone in distress. You can be a true life saver.

Oh, by the way, I did the entire 5K for the first time, final result: 38:01.

             You are powerful, you can save a life. 

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