I don’t belong

Feeling like we don’t belong is not an uncommon experience.  We look around at our family and think “Who are these people?”  We look at where we live and what we do, and get a feeling of disassociation.  We wonder how we got here.  You are not alone.

The story arc

While there are lots of reason to feel like we are in a foreign land amongst foreign people. One of the most common reasons to have a feeling of disassociation is something writers of books and movies have to deal with all the time;  The Story Arc.  In any great story our hero (you) has to lose something along the way and seek to recover it.  Another common story line is that the hero must be in some type of peril which, before the end of the story, must be resolved.  Without these types of elements the viewer has little interest in continuing the story.

Where is your story arc?

If you have been living your life in a default setting; simply moving from one event to another, or feel you are not in control of your life, you are like the disinterested viewer or reader of a movie or book.  What’s the point? Why continue watching or reading?  

If you are feeling this kind feeling of “Who are these people” or “What’s the point” perhaps what you need to do is become the Involved Observer in your own life.  What makes you happy, and why.  What makes you angry, and why.  Living life in a default setting will drive you nuts.  I invite you to read my book It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer to discover how you can take control of your life again.  Click on the cover below to read a sample, then get your own copy.