Pets and life

My mind has been swirling around pets and life the past few days.  It all started with a suggestion that we, as humans, help the spirit in animals climb the vibrational ladder as they ascend.  I hadn’t thought of that before, how about you?  But I think there is something much more at work here than people lifting animals.


We as humans might just help our two legged, four legged, feathered and swimming friends as they ascend.  We all work in cooperation, after all.  But I also have become more clear that our pets do the same for us.  Many times I think our pets are ahead of us in learning our most important lesson in life; to give and receive love.

Because of my travel schedule, at this point in my life I do not have a pet.  However, most recently there has been a cat next door I have found myself looking for as I walk through my yard.  This cat came into my life as a newborn kitten; trusting me, looking for affection, and being in love with life.  Interacting with this feline as it grew I recognized how much I enjoyed having it barge into my space.  I am not a cat person, let me make that clear, but there was something about its open heart that called to me.  I could see how it was calling me higher!  

Learning from our pets

Pet owners know that there is nothing like the unconditional love we receive from our pets.  But, how much of that unconditional love do we pass along to people we meet?  Pets don’t care where we come from, the color of our skin or our sexual identity.  They simply are.  We can learn a lot from our pets.  In sharing unconditional love, we improve the world.