It’s Just The Way The World Works

You have heard that phrase before, “that’s just the way the world works.”  Maybe there is truth in that statement, but why do we only use those words when something is not working out the way we want it to?  When things are going great why don’t we find ourselves saying “well, that’s just the way the world works!”

This is another example of the built-in cynicism which is so prevalent in our thought process.  Even the most optimistic of people might hear themselves fall into this trap.  As I have mentioned so many times before, it is essential we become aware of the words we use because words have power; they have power over our lives in the most subtle yet important ways.  Let’s look at what we are saying when we give-up and say “that’s just the way the world works” when things are not going the way we think they should be going.  This suggests to us that we should not expect things to work out well, that we should expect disappointment, failure and sadness as the normal course of our lives.  As you probably know by now, this is not my view.  It is just as easy to say “that’s just the way the world works” when everything is coming up roses, money is flowing into our bank accounts freely, and we see love all around us.  Rather than assume the worst, why not assume the best?  

I am not so silly as to deny that things sometimes work out other than the way we hoped they would, but so often what we thought was a loss actually turns out to be a win; It’s Just the Way The World Works!
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