I’m only human

Words have power.  Have I mentioned that in these blogs before?  Maybe once or twice, and here we are again, the power of words.  When we excuse ourselves by saying “I’m only human” what we are doing is suggesting that as humans we are limited in any way, and this is not true.

As humans on this earth we have some of the most amazing abilities; we can experience happiness, sadness, excitement, anticipation, we can create entirely new ways to be, we can touch, smell, see; well you get the point: as humans our powers are incredible.  So how is it we dismiss ourselves as “Only human?”  

When I say words have power; think about what we are telling ourselves when we say “I’m only human.”  We tell ourselves we are unworthy of the whole range of possibility that is within us; we tell ourselves we are lacking.  Neither of these is true.  We are amazing creatures.  What we might be telling ourselves is “I AM HUMAN!”  I am a creative being, I am the master of my life!  Now, that is a far more IN-Powering statement isn’t it?

When we as physical humans reach the outer edge of our physical capabilities, we have the Unlimited to come in and assist in our expansion.  That is the message behind my latest book The Lady Ashtar Story.  Terrie Symons is “Only human” but she brings into her life an Ascended Master to add to her humanness.  I would love it if you would pick up a copy or ten of The Lady Ashtar Story and discover just how unlimited we are as humans.  You can purchase your copies at Amazon books.com