The inspirational gift

The most powerful gift we can give is the gift that inspires others to give.  The really cool part about this gift is that it will not cost you any money at all!

Earth Day

I am proud to say that I was part of the first Earth Day observance way back in April 1970.  What a gift Earth Day was to the entire planet, and especially those of us who lived in huge metropolitan areas.  At the time I could not see the “mountain range” which was a mere twenty miles away because of the constant smog that enveloped the Los Angeles basin at the time.  Packaging of products had reached a ridiculous level; even hamburgers came in four or five layers of wrapping.  Trucks and cars belched out tons and tons of pollutants each day.  Smog days outnumbered clear-air days. Then Earth Day came our way.  We became more aware of what we were doing to our planet and began thinking differently about our environment.  That was a gift which has kept giving ever since that April Day.


Now that almost fifty years have passed, many of us have forgotten what our air was like back then.  We wonder why we have such stringent controls on emissions.  A day when we cannot see a nearby mountain range is so infrequent as to be notable.  Well, my friends, we cannot forget.  We cannot allow Earth Day, and the intentions behind its observation to become no more than an advertising pitch.  Yet that is what is happening.  As we observed Earth Day 2018, earlier this week, I am happy to realize we have made great progress in cleaning the air for our selves, and by extension, the entire planet.  But our success has a flip-side.  We have forgotten why we have recycle bins near our homes.  We have forgotten why gasoline is more expensive.  We have forgotten why there are traffic lights at the bottom of our freeway on ramps.  

Republican, Democrat or Independent 

Regardless of your political identification, we all breathe the same air.  We all share the same planet.  We either do what we can to protect her, or we all lose.  Give and inspirational gift; the gift of planetary awareness.

And here is another inspirational gift you an give;  Think, Believe, Receive.  Click on the cover below for a sample, get yourself a copy and one for a friend as well.

Think Believe Receive